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Jennifer Wilkins has studied and has extreme interest in kiniseology and calisthenics. Jennifer owned and operated a circus arts training facility for 19 consecutive years, trained hundreds of students, and dozens of instructors successfully.She has written several articles for international magazines within the aerial arts industry, and currently writes a safety share for the mining and engineering magazine. Show production, direction, and choreography are also a part of her skills. She has performed and competed many times in various disciplines including: aerial arts, piano, singing, body building and acting.She has received awards for her training theories as well as a 1st place title in a local competition. She does not claim to be a natural athlete but because of education and discipline has been able to train and coach amongst some of the best athletes in several disciplines. 

"I am passionate about creating efficient and intelligent movers to improve quality of life for generations to come." 

Above all else, she is a proud mother of 3 incredible children and partner to an extremely talented and loving s.o. 

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  • Acrobatic Arts Level 1 certification

  • Foot Health Seminar by The Foot Collective

  • The Human Anatomy Atlas 2021 by The Visible Body

  • FMT Basic Kinesiology taping practitioner certification

  • FMT Advanced Kinesiology taping practitioner certification

  • FMT Movement Specialist Conscious movement assessment certification

  • FMT Movement specialist Advanced subconscious movement assessment

  • Rehab-U Movement Optimization for Prehab and Performance course Level 1 certification

  • Rehab-U Movement Optimization for Prehab and Performance course Level 2 certification

  • Rehab-U Movement and Performance Therapy Specialist Course 

  • Currently enrolled in NASM Essentials of Corrective Exercise Training

What Clients Say

"Jennifer Wilkins' knowledge of body mechanics and ability to break movement down in understandable ways has been incredibly valuable in my growth as an aerialist and professional performer. As someone with EDS and autism I usually have had a hard time finding coaches that can teach me in ways that are accessible to my needs and body type, especially near the earlier stages of my aerial journey when I found her., but she was able to kindly address all my questions and coach me through movement in safe ways that I have carried through years of training even after regularly working with her. She is also an absolute delight to be around as a person, and I have always enjoyed everything about her."

Havoq Luscivia

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