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Private/semi-private lessons are an excellent way to receive specific and unique to you lesson plans. There is no "one program fits all."  


Your first lesson will be an assessment to discover the movement deficiencies your body may have. 


Once these are identified, movement patterns will be introduced and discussed. Mobilization comes first followed by activation and finally integration. 

Available In Person or Zoom



Our society suffers from very similar movement pattern deficiencies due to our cultures sedentary lifestyle. This makes it easy to target specific movement patterns that will be very beneficial for a group. 

Group lessons can be tailored for the specific needs and interests of the group.

Available In person or Zoom



 Online lessons can be extremely beneficial in that they save on cost of travel and can be done wherever is most convenient for you.

You will receive a recording of your lesson to refer back to, making practice much more efficient.

Online lessons are best suited for beginner aerial, strength, flexibility, or corrective training. 

Zoom only


Without even realizing it, we tend to develop go-to movement habits that we use regularly. Over time, these habits can get a bit too much, causing unnecessary strain on our bodies. These habits often spill into our fitness routines and might lead to injuries. By spotting these overloaded patterns and addressing any imbalances, we can stabilize the skeletal system and distribute tension more evenly across the muscles and joints. This could mean less pain and a boost in overall strength and flexibility.


Flexibility goes beyond just reaching for your toes or doing a split; it involves having the strength and control to move your bones and joints seamlessly throughout their entire range of motion, and all of this without any discomfort or pain. It's not just about being bendy; it's about having the power to navigate your body with ease.


The key is in understanding how to harness your strength effectively. By learning how to use your muscles in a coordinated and controlled manner, you create a foundation for sustained flexibility. This approach ensures that you don't push your body too hard or strain it in the process. Instead, you cultivate a balance where strength and flexibility work hand in hand, resulting in a more resilient and adaptable musculoskeletal system. It's about achieving flexibility that lasts, promoting not just physical well-being but also a healthier, more harmonious connection between your body and movement.


Circus arts isn't just about intense training; it's the payoff for mastering control over your body's intricate machinery. These classes cater to all levels, with a primary focus on refining control and rejuvenating the musculoskeletal system. You'll get the chance to learn some impressive tricks on your chosen apparatus, all while emphasizing strength training and delving into the fascinating world of biomechanics.


Choose from a variety of disciplines, including Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Aerial Silks, Aerial Sling, Aerial Contortion Straps, Pole Dancing, Aerial Pole, Aerial Cube, and Contortion.


Feel free to reach out to me before your lesson to confirm the availability of your preferred apparatus.

Travel training or performance booking:

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