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I am dedicated to functional fitness and mobility. Whether you are stepping into a studio for the first time or have experience from other studios, this guideline will help you navigate my philosophy and class room culture. Preparing you for your first visit and keeping your safety as a number one priority.

I slow down to really focus on building a solid foundation for everyday life or to pursue Aerial Arts. My main goal in classes is to align, strengthen and bring your awareness to your body. This takes respecting your body for the pace it needs to take and not comparing to others around you. I have students of varying levels and experiences that all have a different rhythm of growth and we are always beginners at something. So, let’s cherish accomplishments and encourage each other to keep moving forward in our individual journey.

Aerial arts are thrilling and ridiculously fun, but please remember that it comes with high risk. We respect the challenge and focus needed to stay safe and in control while in the air. 

Preparing for class

Before Class:

  1. Avoid Lotions and other Grip Hindrances as much as possible 24 hours before class. Including things like face moisturizer, essential oils, etc.

  2. Remove jewelry before class

    1. No rings or bracelets when on the poles, silks, hammocks or Lyra please. No sharp or large buckles or metal on.

    2. It is suggested that you don’t wear any jewelry at the studio, although we realize that some pieces are difficult to remove.

  3. Trim nails. No sharp acrylic nails are allowed on equipment. 

  4. Bring your own Pole Grip aid. NO ITAC! We recommend:

    1. Rosin Spray

    2. 1mighty Grip

    3. Dry hands

  5. Follow Dress code:

    1. Pole: Full coverage, supportive sports bra, Fitted Tank top or shirt, Mid Length shorts (cover gluteal crease), leggings for wrapped pole.

    2. Silks, Lyra: Full coverage, Fitted Tank top or shirt, Leggings (non see through), ladies: supportive sports bra, gentlemen: dancer belt.

    3. Active Flex, Fitness Foundations, etc: Same as above. Loose fitting pants such as sweats may also work in these classes.

    4. DO NOT WEAR:  Anything with zippers, buttons or other items that may catch on mats or apparatuses (silks, pole, lyra, etc.) 

  6. Food and Drink

    1. Bring a reusable water bottle that securely closes.

    2. You may want to have a high energy snack after class. Do not eat in class areas and clean up any mess created.


Arriving at the studio:

  1. Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early to class and try not to be much earlier than that.

    1. Wait in the lobby until 5 minutes before your class.

  2. We are a barefoot studio. 

    1. Please  remove shoes before entering the class area. 

    2. Socks are welcome to be worn.

  3. Don’t disturb class in session

    1. Be aware of your surroundings and voice level. 

  4. Use restroom before class. If you need to use it during class, please leave and come back to class without disrupting the other students.

    1. Always wash your hands.

  5. Wait for instructors permission to touch equipment or bring mats to the floor.

During class:

  1. Only Participate in exercise/activity given to you by the instructor.

  2. Please listen when the instructor is addressing the group.

  3. Keep conversations during class minimal and refrain from discouraging language and/or topics such as politics, religion, violence, sex, etc. 

  4. Avoid Assisting other students

    1. Students are not allowed under any circumstances to teach other students or anyone else, any movement, pose, sequence, or skill. This is also known as skill-trading or skill-sharing, and is strictly prohibited. Please check out this great article by Laura Witwer that explains why. When the Blind Lead the Blind

  5. Listen to your body, Speak up if you feel pain of any kind.

    1. Students must respect their bodies. They are responsible for listening to their bodies, and not pushing them past safe working limits. Late nights, drinking, illness, stress, injury, and monthly cycles can all affect an aerialist strength and stamina. Be aware that your ability to safely execute sequences may vary daily.

  6. While first attempting any climb or inversion, an instructor must be present to spot you (not another student).

  7. Aerial Silks / Pole / Lyra / Hammock

    1. Students must strictly adhere to the working heights specified in the program. The program starts low to the ground while students’ bodies and minds adapt to the new movements. Students will only be allowed to work at greater heights when they can safely execute the skill (with control) many times low to the ground first.

    2. Students are not allowed to practice anything that they learned off of any social media sites (YouTube, Instagram, etc.) or from any other studio. If a student wants to learn a skill that they saw on social media, they can email the link to their instructor and ask if they could break it down during class. The instructor will evaluate whether the skill is appropriate for the student’s level, and will teach it accordingly. Please check out this great article by Laura Witwer that explains why. DIY FAIL: How NOT to Learn Circus from YouTube

  8. Clean up all other items and place in designated locations. Please ask if you aren’t familiar with where an item goes.

    1. Spray and wipe down mats, return crash pads to appropriate locations, wipe down pole (chrome with alcohol, wrapped rubber with green soap).

After Class:

  1. Listen to your body's needs!

    1. Take note of any aches or pains. Keep moving to reduce stiffness in muscles and joints. Some soreness is a good thing and may hit 1-2 days after a class. Please asses any soreness that prevents functional movement or creates unbearable pain before attending another class.

    2. HYDRATE! Drink plenty of water.

    3. Eat a well balanced snack or meal to replenish energy used in class.

    4. Get plenty of rest.

  2. 12 and under should be dropped off and picked up inside the studio by an authorized adult. They must wait inside the lobby until their pick up arrives.

  3. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions. 

General Studio Guidelines:

  1. You may not be able to participate in Aerial classes if you suffer from any of the conditions below. You MUST consult with your physician prior to participating in any classes. Even if you do not have a condition below, it is recommended for everyone to consult with a doctor before training in new and unfamiliar activities.

    1. Glaucoma or other pressure related issues

    2. Heart Disease or heart conditions of any kind

    3. Traumatic Brain Injury

    4. Epilepsy

    5. High or Low Blood Pressure

    6. Neck or Spinal Issues

    7. Recent Surgery

    8. Pregnant

  2. Students may not be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, any prescription or over-the-counter drugs that affect their focus and concentration.

  3. Students must respect the teacher, staff and other students at all times

  4. Unsupervised practice is strictly forbidden.

  5. I cannot guarantee all classes will remain on the calendar. It is my goal to replace classes or provide alternatives when possible.

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